Backing Tracks
Blues is one of my favourite genres in music so here are some of my backing tracks to help you practice your improvisation and chordal voicings. I have also omitted some instruments in the mix to allow for bass and rhythm practice. Try practising your A Minor Blues over these.

Blues in A - 88 bpm - full

Blues in A - 88 bpm - no rhythm

Blues in A - 88 bpm - no bass

Blues in A - Allman Bros type

Modal scales are fun to improvise over so I have put together a few tracks to help with this. Please let me know if you need any explanations or have any questions.

A Nat Minor

Am Dorian

D Lydian

D Natural Minor - Doobies type

G Mixolydian.mp3

D Minor Dorian - So What type

Here's a Country type chord progression - Sting's Fragile in E minor and a Van Morrison classic.

E7-A7-D7-G7 - 128 bpm - Country style


Moondance - Van Morrison in A minor Dorian

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