Many gigs later..............

My first influences came from seeing Hendrix, Floyd, The Move, Nice, Cream, Zeppelin, Free, Rory Gallagher, Black Sabbath, Jethro Tull, Traffic, Groundhogs, and loads of other bands that went on to become legends and guitar heroes.

I was playing 3 chords on the guitar at the time and seeing these great musicians from a few feet away had a profound effect on me.

After lots of practice I soon found myself playing with several locaI pop, blues, rock and country bands. More hard work culminated in me getting a job as a musician in a local nightclub in 1971 playing all the current hits of the day.

Around this time I was asked to sit in with various bands on the bass guitar and quickly learned the relationship and differences between the guitar and bass. I also started giving lessons.

After finishing with the nightclub I found myself touring around the UK with various bands until I got a job with "The White Plains".

White Plains had had a few top twenty hits including "My Baby Loves Lovin" (no 9) and "I've Got You On My Mind" (no 17) only 3 or 4 years previously. I enjoyed gigging alongside major acts like Mac and Katie Kissoon, Shakin' Stevens, Jigsaw, Bay City Rollers, Dave Dee, Dave Berry and other hit-makers. We toured extensively in the UK, Ireland, Germany and Holland and now it was time to think about getting off of the road..............

After leaving White Plains and doing some final international stints in Canada and The Emirates I was ready for fresh challenges.

Through the 80's to now I have enjoyed developing the teaching side of things and have recently moved into some recording and production with some great local artists. At the same time I have also had fun gigging with some of the most talented local musicians.

I now have a dedicated fully-equipped teaching studio.

I am fully trained in instrument setups by Patrick James Eggle so if your instrument needs any adjustments I would be happy to sort that out for you.

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