1. "I didn't pick up a guitar until I was nearly 40, bought some books, didn't understand them (I am not a quick learner) got frustrated and put the guitar down. Then I met Dave! which changed everything! Dave is not only a fantastic player, he is also so patient, answers any questions you might have, you get interesting and fun practise stuff to bring home, AND he's a really lovely fella! I can now jam over pretty much anything. in no time at all. Top man!!!! " - Al
  2. "Thanks for all your help, time and support over the last twelve months - you've taught me a lot of stuff and it's been great fun thanks again." - James
  3. "As a 59 year old I picked up the guitar with a dream, thanks to Dave's teaching and support I've reached a standard where I can play, write and share my passion for music with friends. He gives so much more than mere instruction, the support and encouragement are unfaltering. I will never forget my first conversation with Dave "What can I do to help you?" and it's still true 3 years down the line. The real pleasure in music is sharing, thanks for all you have given Dave." - Bill
  4. "Thanks for everything you taught me - I've really enjoyed my lessons with you." - Pete
  5. "Lessons with Dave are always rewarding. I always learn something new. I can now play metal and rock, solo over most things, write epic riffs and have distinctions for every exam I have done  under his tuition. He makes learning easy in a relaxed atmosphere." - Toby (age 14)
  6. "Dave was recommended to me by a friend when I was looking for someone to tutor my son just starting out with his bass guitar. My son has come on leaps and bounds in the 12 months that have passed, Dave is a very experienced and skillful teacher and my son is very comfortable with him and always looks forward to their time together." - Mary (mother of Jeff - age 16)
  7. "As a female under Dave's tuition, apart from his expertise the biggest compliment I could pay him is how comfortable I am made to feel. I regard this as extremely important when in a one to one situation. Many thanks for all your help and support." - Jill
  8. After many years of failing to learn guitar by myself, I decided to teach myself bass instead, which I also began failing at! Encouraged by my wife to start lessons, I contacted Dave and have been delighted with my results. Dave is a motivated teacher with a high degree of knowledge, and has that distinct ability to adapt his teaching methods to suit the level of his students’ capabilities. Initially, Dave began my lessons by significantly lowering the action of my bass guitar, which is something I would not dare contemplate attempting on my own. We have since covered a lot of techniques, from classic rock to twelve bar blues, and the progress I have made during this time has been extremely positive. Dave is a very highly skilled player himself, yet has proven to be able to teach complete beginners like myself with patience and encouragement, and has a brilliant way of explaining music theory in a comprehensible way. His explanations and demonstrations are enhanced by his wide range of music styles and resources. Overall, Dave has helped me achieve many goals during my tuition, offering solutions where needed, and prompting me to explore particular styles I otherwise would have overlooked. Most of all, Dave has made learning bass a fun experience at great value for money, and for this reason comes highly recommended.” Wayne M, Southampton

  9. "Thank you so much for your help and support with my development in the guitar. Without this I have no idea what I would be doing with my life. Thank you !!" - Nathan (starting guitar degree course at ACM)
  10. "Thank you so much for the guitar lessons you have given me weekly for almost two years. When I came to you I was really stuck in a rut and not moving forward at all. I could play a few basic open chords and I was trying to play Eric Clapton style acoustic blues. You helped me become a better player. Finger picking, barre chords, scales and music theory. You helped improve my understanding of where the music acually comes from, rather than just relying on tabs to try and copy a song. We even developed two songs together 'One Day and 'Barbados Skies'. These will stay with me forever! It was hard for me to move on from your lessons, but with your patience and understanding approach to training, you have made me feel confident enough to do so. Thanks for passing on your knowledge and experience in music. You are the best! I was lucky to find you! I will have to stop now because I feel a song coming on. Thanks again for the fun and chats we had." - Rob.
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